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CRECHE is included FREE with membership, but you must ensure your child is BOOKED IN – if there is NO BOOKING, or you are a casual, then COST is $5.00)


Group Fitness for Beginners


Come down to our Group Fitness Classes for Teens aged 12-15 at 4pm-5pm Tuesdays and Thursdays.

9 weeks course running from Oct 18th till Dec 15th: Cost: $180

Only 14 spaces available…so get in quick!!

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Booty Boot Camp

Note: Booty Bootcamp is included in Gym Membership

Booty Boot Camp 15: One for the gals!!!!…. a 15 minute hard core toning workout for legs, butt and tummies conducted in the gym. Learn new exercises to incorporate into your daily workouts that are designed to keep those butts and legs in shape. To complete your workout for the day incorporate 30 minutes of cardio….. bike, treadmill, rower or cross trainer.

Booty Boot Camp 45: This 45 minute sexy workout will not only burn calories, increase your fitness and tone those muscles it will endeavor to bring out the “Godness” in you. Keep Fit while feeling Sexy and having Fun! All fitness levels are catered for. Each lesson we’ll have you moving & grooving with our specially constructed body-toning exercises and you may learn a flirty sexy Chair Dance routine as well! The class is conducted in the Circuit room, hidden away from the crowds, utilizing a variety of equipment such as chairs, mats, bands, gymsticks, light weights and more…

>>> Check out the timetable >>>



Bootcamp: You work, you sweat and, best of all, you burn calories like crazy.

Note: Bootcamp is included in Gym Membership

Be challenged and motivated by one of our awesome PTI’s (Physical Training Instructors) through innovating and non conventional methods. An assessment is conducted at the completion of every 8 week program to record your results.

Striker’s Adventure BOOT CAMP is an intensive indoor/outdoor program for you to achieve your personal weight loss and fitness goals. BOOT CAMP is held rain, hail or shine and a great way to challenge yourself and work harder than you ever imaged you could. This class is designed for different fitness levels and you will be guided in ensuring you achieve your goals.

Go on…. you know you want to do it! Take the challenge in 2011!

Note: Bootcamp is included in Gym Membership or
$20 Casual one off session/ Non members $200 for 8 week program @ 16 consecutive sessions – courses beginning:

  • 1st February
  • 5th April7th June (7 weeks)
  • 2nd Aug
  • 4th Oct
  • 6th Dec(including 2 week break)


>> See timetable…

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