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Indoor Cricket is an immensely popular sport, having been played in Australia since it was invented in the late 70’s. Now played by over 200,000 participants Australia wide, the beauty of Indoor Cricket is that each player bats and bowls the same number of overs as their team mates, ensuring all players remain involved in the game.

Striker Indoor Sports & Fitness offer junior leagues for

11 & under (Fridays)

13 & under (Fridays)

15 & under (Fridays)

17 & under (Fridays)

Girls only 14’s & under (Mondays 11 weeks second term only)

Girls only 17’s & under (Mondays 11 weeks second term only)

All players must not turn any older than the age group they are in during 2021 (EG if your child turns 12 during the year 2021 they would have to play in the 13’s & under, even if they are 11 at the moment). The competitions run seasonally opposite to outdoor cricket throughout the winter months, which enables you to play cricket all year round.


11’s, 13’s 15’s and 17’s are played on Friday afternoons from 4pm onwards. The 11 and under division will predominantly play at 4:00pm or 5:00pm each week, 13’s at 5:00pm or 6:00pm, 15’s at 6:00pm or 7:00pm and 17’s at 7:00pm, possibly 8:00pm. All games go for just under an hour with slightly modified rules as appropriate for each age group.

Girls Only 14’s & under and 17’s & under League is played on Monday afternoons between 4pm to 6:30pm with games going for just under an hour with slightly modified rules as appropriate for each age group.

All players should be at the centre no later than 10 minutes prior to the scheduled game time.


We accept both individual and team (6 players) registrations, including small groups of players wishing to be kept together. Please note that whilst we do our best to place individuals, we simply cannot make guarantees that all preferences will be accommodated.

*You can not turn older than the registered division your team is in during 2021.

To Register a team or individual click here



All players in a team must compete in the same coloured shirts. Shirts may be of any colour or style, provided ALL team mates wear the same colour.


  • Win = 3 points
  • Draw = 1.5 points
  • Loss = 0 points
  • 1 bonus point for each skin (i.e. 1st pair of Team A versus 1st pair of Team B, etc)
  • Forfeit = -1 point



  1. Individual players must play a minimum of 5 games during the regular season to qualify for finals.
  2. Semi Finals and Finals are all played on the same week night as regular fixtured games.


  1. If only the minimum number of players have qualified and are available to play in a particular grade, then that team must play with those players only.
  2. If less than the minimum number of players have qualified and are available, then the final will be forfeited to the team they were scheduled to play.
  3. Only on special circumstances will an unqualified player be permitted to play and this will be determined by centre management.


  • The top 4 teams will progress through to the finals.
  • All other teams will play normal games to the end of the season


The 2021 season of Friday junior cricket will be run over terms 2 & 3 (21 weeks) – 23rd April to 24th Sep 2021. (Break for School Holidays on 9th & 16th July)


GAME FEES – Payment covers all umpires and equipment cost for the entire season.

  1. Register as an individual: $210 for 21 week competition (paid on the first night of the competition)
  2. Register as a team: $1260 for 21 week competition (paid on the the first night of the competition)
  3. Girls only League, individuals $110 or teams $660 for 11 week competition (paid on the first night of the competition)

Please note: If a team forfeits at anytime during the season, you will still be charged your full game fee.


6 a side games will be played via the following format

Each batting pair will bat 4 overs per game.

Each team innings will be 12 overs per game.

Each bowler/fielder will bowl 2 overs per game.

click here for the indoor cricket rules book – Centre Management reserves the right to modify rules as deemed fit for the spirit of the game.


We run Junior Soccer summer season across school terms 4 & 1 and winter season school terms 2 & 3. Enrol your full team now for the upcoming Winter 2021 season.

*Winter season starts Term 2 Friday the 16th of April 2021 & and Ends term 3 Friday the 24th of September 2021, with the break over the school holidays 9th & 16th July.

*Divisions are 10 & under; 12 & under; 14 & under; 16 & under.

*You can not turn older than the registered division your team is in during 2021. – EG 14 & under players can not turn 15 years old in 2021.

*Game fees are $50.00 per team per week.

*5 a side on court with up to 3 subs per team

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 Due to Government Covid restrictions, Striker will be closed Saturday 24th April through to Friday 30th April. We hope to be open again from Saturday 1st May if all goes well.


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