Membership Info and Price Schedule

All Prices Are Effective From August 1 2016

All memberships are inclusive of GST. *Prices are subject to change without notification.  Flexi Fee is non-refundable.

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Membership for the gym at Striker Indoor Sports and Fitness, Perth's leading indoor recreation centre.Right-click here (or control-click on a MAC) to download the Membership Application Form

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Group Fitness

Come down and join the motivated and enthusiastic instructors and the many group fitness classes available at Striker.

12 Month Membership$595
12 Month Concession$550
12 Month Membership (Direct Debit)$26.80/fortnight
FIFO 12 Month Membership$400
Flexible Payment Plan$120 + $26.80/fortnight
6 Month Membership$350
3 Month Membership$250
1 Month Membership$150
Single Visit$13
10 Visit Pass$118
25 Visit Pass$265


Single Visit$10
10 Visit Pass $90
25 Visit Pass$200

Gym Prices (includes Circuit timetable for monthly memberships)

Our brand new state of the art gym features an extensive range of the newest cardio and resistance training equipment, including the latest in Precore cardio machines and over 30 pieces of free weights, cable and pin-loaded machines! Brand new, easy to use and come with no time restrictions on use of the equipment! Work out in air-conditioned comfort whilst viewing our 50” plasma screen.

All of our 12 month gym memberships, include a one off 1 hour assessment and programme with one of our personal trainers. Any monthly gym membership, also gives you access to the group circuit classes. Circuit class format alternates aerobic stations with muscle resistance stations. Aimed at improving cardiovascular fitness, to increase stamina and muscle tone using a variety of floor exercises, free weights and weight machines. Let each instructor take you on a different exercise journey each week!

12 Month Membership$650
12 Month Concession$585
FIFO 12 Month Membership$450
6 Month $400
3 Month$275
1 Month$170
Single Visit$13
10 Visit Pass$118
25 Visit Pass$265
12 Month Direct Debit$26.80/fortnight
Flexible Payment Plan$120 + $26.80/fortnight

Gym and Group Fitness Combined

Explore your many options at ‘Striker Indoor Sports & Fitness’ and comfortably try a variety of our fitness rooms and equipment. Try our group fitness and circuit training classes on every week which offer a variety of classes targeting different workouts, and different fitness levels on a timetable that offers morning, midday and evening time slots. Or for members, who like a little more GRUNT try our rustic big boys room where sturdy machines and heavy weights are looming to separate the men from the boys.

There are no commitment issues in this relationship!  Our helpful, approachable and friendly team, are all committed to meeting your individual health and fitness needs. Our aim is to provide our members with comprehensive and professional support, so you can feel free to work out the way you want, when you want, in a fresh, pressure free environment! We offer a comprehensive fitness evaluation and personalised programme with every new 12 month membership, with one of our fully qualified and friendly fitness instructors, to help you set and achieve your goals. If you need that extra push in the right direction, or want to revamp your current workout, try out personal training, where our trainers provide an additional service to ensure you are achieving your desired health and fitness results.

12 Month Membership$750
12 Month Membership Concession$700
FIFO 12 Month Membership $525
Flexible Payment Plan$120 + $36.05/fortnight
6 Month$475
3 Month$325
1 Month$220

Personal Training

Feel yourself lacking motivation?  Stuck on a plateau?  Find excuses to not workout?  Or do you want to take your workouts to a whole new level?

Personal training is an intense one-on-one session, specifically devised for you by our Personal Trainers. Available to all new and existing members, let one of our friendly qualified personal trainers work with you to reach all your health and wellness goals, whether they are focused around weight loss, muscle growth, strength and conditioning, cardiovascular fitness, sports specific training, or nutritional advice. We’ll design programmes that are not only individually tailored to suit your lifestyle needs, but are also fun! A Personal Trainer on site every Friday morning 6am-10am. Please call 9313 9700 to make a booking.

Our aim is to provide the highest level of personal fitness and customer service for individuals, groups and community teams wishing to make a positive change to their lifestyle!

30 Minute Session$40
60 Minute Session$55
30 Minute PT 10 Visit Pass$360
60 Minute PT 10 Visit Pass$495

Assessment and Programs

1 Hr Session$55

Right-click here (or control-click on a MAC) to download the Membership Application Form
Simply print the form, fill in your details and bring it in to begin your membership.


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