Our Gym

Our brand new gym area features a wide range of cardio and resistance training equipment, and over 30 pieces of free weights, cable and pin-loaded machines! Easy to use and come with no time restrictions on use of the equipment! Work out in air-conditioned comfort whilst viewing our 50” plasma screen.

There is something to suit everybody!

Explore your many options at Striker Indoor Sports and Fitness and comfortably try a variety of our fitness rooms and equipment. Try our group fitness and circuit training classes on every week which offer a variety of classes targeting different workouts, and different fitness levels on a timetable that offers morning, midday and evening time slots. Or for members, who like a little more GRUNT try our rustic big boys room where sturdy machines and heavy weights are looming to separate the men from the boys.

There are no commitment issues in this relationship!

Our helpful, approachable and friendly team are all committed to meeting your individual health and fitness needs. Our aim is to provide our members with comprehensive and professional support so you can feel free to work out the way you want, when you want, in a fresh, pressure free environment! We offer a comprehensive fitness evaluation and personalised programme with every new membership with one of our fully qualified and friendly fitness instructors, to help you set and achieve your goals. If you need that extra push in the right direction, or want to revamp your current workout, try out personal training where our trainers provide an additional service to ensure you are achieving your desired health and fitness results.


Inflatable World open every Saturday 10am-5pm!

Junior netball commencing October. Register your team now.